I am suffering from Eternal Travel Syndrome coupled with Wanderlust, are you too?

Not sure? DO you have below symptoms?

  • 1. Age between 18 to …….Just kidding! Age is just a number buddy
  • 2. Work in groups coz your friends are also suffering from wanderlust
  • 3. You like to party party!!
  • 4. Traveler mode on! Tourist mode off!
  • 5. Crave adventure like a person in dessert craving for water
  • 6. Post travel depression hits you on the face once you get back home – or at least the place others think your home is
  • 7. Find home in distant lands
  • 8. Forever hungry for novel places, experiences, people, languages… and the list goes on like that!
  • 9. Constant changes excite you
  • 10. Works on a tight budget coz you want to discover the world
  • 11. Has a soul and mind of gypsy

Shhhh!!! Then you are one of us too!

Join the tribe on the quest on finding the magic elixir to take away your suffering!